HERE ALONE, a post-apocalyptic drama with a horror skin, is an independent film in the truest sense. We MacGyver’d the flick together with coffee-fueled creativity, a super low budget, a ton of favors, and probably 27 rolls of duct-tape. This isn’t a big studio film with a battalion of employees and huge paychecks (we’ve made $0 to date). We’re just three filmmakers that were lucky to have a slew collaborators come on board to help elevate their vision into a film.  Thankfully, we won the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award and released on Netflix and worldwide in 2017 (not bad for caffeinated creativity and oodles of duct tape).




We’re looking for someone to join our small, post-apocalyptic film family as an unpaid Social Media Manager/Intern. You’ll basically tackle and manage what we suck at — which is creating and posting content for our 3600+ (and growing) followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




The position would require around 2 hours of work a week with a scheduled monthly team meeting to discuss options and avenues. We’d expect a minimum of 2 posts per week (more would be awesome) across our 3 social channels that would engage with our current zombie-loving community and help bring more fans into the fold. The role is both remote and extremely flexible, allowing you to tackle at home and at your own convenience. In addition to posting, you’d help us: 

  • Build and define our film’s brand and voice

  • Connect to like-minded sites and fans to boost our social channels

  • Help promote our collaborators and their content (actors, creators, crew, fans, friends, etc)

  • Research and discover related content to promote across our channels 

  • Regularly communicate and engage with our followers

  • And most importantly — bring your own creativity and ideas to the table!​



The prefect candidate is a self-driven and tech-savvy individual who’s able to navigate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with ease. We’d also love a candidate who is detail-oriented, able to work well independently, and has strong verbal and written communication skills.  


While not required, it would be swell if you had the following:

  • An appreciation for our film and its emo-take on the undead genre.

  • A love (or growing love) of the horror community and its iterations (films, literature, comics, etc).

  • A strong stomach for R-rated material (our brand is a wee-bit dark and bloody).

  • A keen eye for visuals and graphic design

  • An entrepreneurial spirit with a thirst to join a small team of indie-film collaborators




While you’d be our fearless social media guru, this is an UNPAID POSITION. We cannot provide any monetary compensation and this position will not develop into a paid position. This position is more akin to joining a passion project and helping that project grow with your own skill set and creative fuel.  But what we would be able to offer is:

  • The ability to work with a fun, supportive, and collaborative filmmaking team 

  • The opportunity to build experience, your resume, and a great social media portfolio

  • A place to curate and construct your own writing or critiques of indie-film and/or the horror genre with a built-in audience

  • A platform to periodically promote your own creative work (film, writing, art, music, etc — as long as it ties into our film’s themes).

  • A network of like-minded individuals to both to connect and nerd-out with

  • A passionate team to bounce your ideas off of. We love to listen and help (we can’t provide oodles of money or green-light a script though)

  • References from a team of industry professionals (pending on you doing a knock out job)

  • Finally, any swag our film creates, you’ll always get some free of charge!




To apply please submit the following in the form below or email directly  to herealonefilm at gmail . com :


  • A brief description of who you are, what you love, and why you’re excited about this position

  • Any and all of your social media handles

  • Take a look at our social media profiles and give us ONE IDEA of what we could do to boost our profiles (BESIDES posting more and posting often).


What you DO NOT need to apply:


  • You do not need to be in film, marketing, PR, the social media industry, or communications. Any and all walks of life are welcome.

  • You do not need to be a college grad or in college. If you went or are going to college, awesome. If you didn’t go, also awesome.  We’re concerned more with your enthusiasm and current social media prowess (or want to build that prowess) and believe that can be harnessed within academia or outside of it as well.

  • Also, we do not require a CV or resume (but if you want to send one, go ahead).


Thanks for submitting!