David Ebeltoft’s version of ‘Root Letter’ absolutely ticked both boxes of an intriguing story and characters that will resonate with audiences,” Bailey said. “It inspires the complex and heartbreaking world he has re-imagined based on the original story.

9.19.19 - Danny Ramirez to Star in Film Adaptation of 'Root Letter'

Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix

7.24.18 - Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix (HERE ALONE)

Written by David Ebeltoft, Blood for Dust follows a traveling salesman drowning in the myth of the American dream who finds himself on a desperate mission after reconnecting with an old colleague.

05.17.19 - Cannes: 'Amanda Knox' Director Rod Blackhurst to Helm 'Blood For Dust'

20 Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix

2.28.19 - 20 Hidden Horror Gems on Netflix (20. HERE ALONE)

A suspensful, emotionally driven thriller.

1.1.19 - Zombie Movies - Here Alone

Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix

7.24.18 - Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix (HERE ALONE)

Best Horror Movies of 2017

12.8.17 - Best Horror Movies of 2017 (5. HERE ALONE)

32 Best Zombie Movies of the 21st Century

11.13.18 - 32 Best Zombie Movies of the 21st Century (29.HERE ALONE)

Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix

7.24.18 - Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix (HERE ALONE)

Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix

7.24.18 - Best Horror Movies You Can Stream On Netflix (HERE ALONE)

Michael Gingolds Best Horror Films of 2017.

1.2.18 - Michael Gingolds Best Horror Films of 2017 (HERE ALONE)

A melancholic and quiet tale of survival that shocked me and moved me to tears.

12.30.17 - The Best Underrated Indie Horror You May Have Missed in 2017 (HERE ALONE)

An excellent example of performance-driven, minimalist filmmaking.

12.27.17 - Movie Review: Here Alone

...tense, restrained plotting from screenwriter David Ebeltoft, this is a worthy addition to the fleshed-out genre.

12.06.17 - Messed Up Zombie Film Is Scariest Thing on Netflix At The Moment (HERE ALONE)

The devil's in the background details, and this movie's tone is macabre, bleak, and decidingly chilling.

12.05.17 - Zombies Can Run In Netflix Horror Movie (HERE ALONE)

A snapshot of how miserable and truly difficult life could be if the walls did actually come tumbling down, and a reminder to cherish what and who we have.

10.02.17 - Here Alone Review

Manages to approach the zombie phenomenon from a fairly new viewpoint, an accomplishment in itself given today's over-abundance of zombie dreck.

09.06.17 - Upset Tummies & The Apocalypse, Movies To Enjoy From Comfortable Civilzation (HERE ALONE)

They took two concepts of fast paced virus films and merged it with the slow boil zombie film. The result proved to be one of the most interesting and well done films of the year.

8.05.17 - Thoughts on Here Alone

Here Alone is an interesting, involving little thriller that effectively tells a very personal and compelling story.

7.12.17 - Film Review: Here Alone

But whereas The Walking Dead has tried to make the loss of humanity a central theme, it rarely reaches the level of personal reflection that this indie-film does.

7.07.17 - 5 Overlooked Horror Movies on Netflix (HERE ALONE)

A well thought out and atmospheric entry in the realm of zombies, give this one a chance, you'll be surprised.

5.18.17 - Review: Here Alone

A well thought out and atmospheric entry in the realm of zombies, give this one a chance, you'll be surprised.

- Theringmastersrealm.com

5.18.17 - Review: Here Alone

Here Alone is very cruel, disenchanted, and dirty. It's a film where we cover ourselves to hide our scent, pour urine on us to cover our tracks, a film in which we do not trust anyone, only ourselves.

4.20.17 - Review: Here Alone (Translated from Italian)

If you're looking for a more realistic zombie film with dark survivalist tones then check out Here Alone for sure, it's worth a watch or two.

5.18.17 - The Horror Show - Here Alone Review

A perfectly well done, heartfelt film that'll appeal to broader audiences and fans alike.  It's sad, it's unnerving, and best of all, it's suspenseful.

4.11.17 - Review: Here Alone 

Best Horror Movies 2017: Three Highly Rated Titles New to On Demand (HERE ALONE)

4.09.17 -Best Horror Movies 2017: Three Highly Rated Titles New to On Demand 

The tone it set pushed us to the edge of our seats.

4.09.17 - VOD Review: Here Alone 

A thoughtful, sensitive post-apocalyptic drama that is beautifully filmed in upstate New York.

4.09.17 - Short Review of Here Alone

Though found in the middle of The Walking Dead craze, it's micro viewpoint and more human perspective makes for a thrilling and often heartbreaking movie.

4.07.17 - Movie Review: Here Alone 

Here Alone is filled with interesting bits that are very human and manages to ground a zombie story in a way that would make The Walking Dead jealous.

4.06.17 - Here Alone Review

A story of loneliness and burdens, infection without infection, decisions and suspicions, but especially the fear that implies the lack of hope.

4.06.17 - Critique: Here Alone (Translated from Spanish)

An extremely gripping piece of celluloid to dive into.

4.05.17 - Here Alone Review

Focuses on relationships over zombies in an emotional journey that still has tense moments of horror.

4.04.17 - A 666 Character Review of Here Alone

A strong argument for how strained, complicated human relationships don't get any easier once half of humanity is wiped out.

4.01.17 - Here Alone is a Solid, if Familiar, Zombie Movie

A complex, often paralyzing personal drama, Here Alone is a zombie movie unlike what you'd expect.

4.01.17 - Here Alone 2017 Review

After the first act was complete, I didn't want the film to end.

- ihorror.com

3.31.17 - Here Alone: A Horrifying Apocalyptic Experience!

After the first act was complete, I didn't want the film to end.

3.31.17 - Here Alone: A Horrifying Apocalyptic Experience!

Compelling from beginning to end due to tense direction, creative storytelling, and simplistic, yet powerful performances.

3.31.17 - Review: Here Alone

With strong acting and craftsmanship from top to bottom, Here Alone will reward anyone looking for a more quietly unsettling brand of horror.

3.31.17 - Review: The Quiet But Powerful Fear of Being HERE ALONE

Unexpectedly engaging and more psychodrama than postapocalyptic adventure, the movie parcels out its scares in small, effective jolts.

3.30.17 - Here Alone Review

Loaded with emotion and a well-mounted exploration of the impact of a catastrophe on the individual.

3.30.17 - Here Alone is a Quiet, Well-executed Survival Thriller

Credit to the filmmakers for acknowledging that in desperate times, sheer survival is its own reward.

3.29.17 - Film Review Here Alone

There are two types of movies about the undead: those that call 'em like they see 'em (zombies!) and those that attempt to transcend horror's usual rules and lingo. Here Alone is the latter.

3.29.17 - Here Alone Undead Apocalypse is Familiar But Still Compelling

This pulls at your heart strings and is laden with dread, desperation, and loneliness.

3.07.17 - Film Review Here Alone

Get infected by the trailer for post-apocalypse thriller Here Alone.

2.23.17 - Get Infected by the Trailer for Post-apocalypse Thriller Here Alone

A gripping drama about personal forgiveness.

2.14.17 - Wrapup Reviews 19th SF Indiefest

The Terrifying Trailer For This New Zombie Movie Will Make You Hide Under Your Desk.

1.03.17 - Great Zombie Movie Here Alone

Here Alone poignantly conveys a sense of isolation and delivers it in both a beautiful and a bleak way.

9.02.16 - Here Alone Review

A perfect three character story that delves deep into the human psyche, the power of relationships, and the human drive to survive. 

8.29.16 - Here Alone Review

This is a horror of a very human kind, triangulating upon a savage dog-eat-dog monstrousness within.

8.29.16 - Here Alone Review

A minimalist, slow-paced essay in isolation and alienation... effectively downbeat and poised. 

8.25.16 - Frightfest Review Here Alone

Tribeca Winner 'Here Alone' To Get Early 2017 Release Via Vertical Entertainment.

7.26.16 - Here Alone Release Date

A Dickinson native is making his mark in the film industry following an award at one of the world's biggest independent film festivals. 

6.20.16 - Film Wins Festival Accolades: Screenwriter Dickinson Native

Here Alone is an absolute must see zombie movie for indie fans.

6.26.16 - Here Alone Film Review (Translated from German)

A true horror thriller where you find yourself constantly guessing people's motives - and second guessing yourself over and over again.

5.06.16 - Here Alone: Movie Review

This movie is a thoughtfully crafted character dissection.

5.01.16 - Here Alone Film Review

Here Alone is a story about our humanity, the ups and downs of emotional attachment and need.

5.01.16 - Here Alone: Having Loved And Lost In Time Of The Apocalypse

Most of us wouldn't be Daryl Dixon in the zombie apocalypse, Here Alone shows its audience what it's like to be themselves.

4.27.16 - Here Alone Film Review

The film debuted in Tribeca's Midnight Movies sidebar and sold out all three of its screenings, building a strong word-of-mouth buzz on the merit of its subtle, more low key approach to the zombie genre.

4.26.16 - The First Here Alone Trailer Puts A Lean Indie Spin On The Zombie Flick

...an exquisitely crafted piece of suspense and horror that will reach into the hearts and souls of audience members.

4.26.16 - Tribeca Film Festival Review - Here Alone

The festival's coveted Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature went to not some "life affirming" indie but rather the blood-splattered zombie thriller Here Alone.

4.24.16 - Tribeca Film Festival Proves Zombie Formula Isn't Dead

...takes focus off of the flesh-eating hordes for a more deliberate and human examination of grief and solitude.

4.24.16 - Film Festival Review Here Alone

If you want a fresh take on a worn out genre, 'Here Alone' is a great film to see.

4.24.16 - Here Alone World Premiere Review

Tribeca's Film Festival Awards go to Here Alone and the Return.

4.24.16 - Tribeca's Film Festival Awards Go To Here Alone & The Return

...a nifty little horror film, mining familiar genre territory but twisting conventions just enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

4.21.16 - Tribeca Film Festival Here Alone

There's plenty of horror in Here Alone, its just more spiritual and psychological than blood and guts.

4.16.16 - Tribeca Film Festival Review - Here Alone

...an engaging film that keeps you hooked until the end.

4.15.16 - Here Alone Review

Exclusive: Poster & Teaser Premiere for Tribeca Selection 'Here Alone'

4.14.16 - Exclusive: Poster & Teaser for Here Alone

Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Midnight Selections include Holidays, Here Alone, and Fear Inc.

3.09.16 - Tribeca Film Festival 2016 Midnight Selections